BRAND SOLDIERS has a market position of being an owner managed, independent, dynamic and tactical, frontline marketing agency that has strategically selected its services, market segments, clients, distribution channels and personnel.

To be a preferred experiential marketing agency partner, that is unrivalled and renowned for its consistent provision of customised, leading edge, quality, multi-faceted and rewarding experiences for clients brands and products.

Mission and philosophy
To reinvent sustainable distribution channels and provide individually tailored experiential marketing solutions, that strive to exceed clients needs and expectations which deliver consistent and mutually beneficial quality campaigns and profit, achieved by:

  • Being fixated on and committed to client centricity.
  • Being innovative and flexible in what we do.
  • Optimising our business relationships.
  • Practicing unerring levels of service, values, ethics and governance.


  • Client centricity
  • Energy
  • Professionalism
  • Achievement and results focused
  • Shared purpose and teamwork
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Trust

BRAND SOLDIERS' strategic approach is based on research and development, accrued over many years in operation and through the owners personal business experience and acumen. This coupled with selected strategic alliance partners vast experience in their respective fields of expertise, provides our clients with a competitive edge in the market.

BRAND SOLDIERS' operating business model is purposefully designed to forge strategic alliances and optimise business relationships with multiple, fit-for purpose and leading-edge experiential marketing professionals. This, by design, affords you as our valued client, the opportunity to determine your individually tailored marketing solutions, simultaneously enabling you and your company to focus on your core business.

BRAND SOLDIERS sets its sights on working with you and your company to guide, facilitate and drive successful campaigns with an unrelenting focus on achieving campaign realisable benefits.


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