Brand and Product Approach
At BRAND SOLDIERS base camp we take immense pride in ensuring that we clearly understand our clients strategic intent and objectives, when seeking to design experiential marketing solutions for respective brands and products.

It is crucial for us to obtain an in-depth knowledge of our clients brands and products, in order to achieve the desired levels of experiential marketing engagement, with identified and targeted consumers.

This enables us to develop optimised tactical methodologies and best practices for the planning, execution and implementation of the designed solutions, which facilitates the achievement of associated, realisable benefits from a campaign.

Experiental marketing business process value chain
BRAND SOLDIERS operating strategy is housed in a finitely tuned Business Process Value Chain (BPVC) through which we determine the best practice outcomes for campaigns and experiential marketing solutions for our clients. The following components are thoroughly canvassed to ensure that the best possible solutions are designed and implemented plus realisable benefits achieved.

Within each of the above components of the BPVC, are concisely identified business processes that are stringently mapped in detail and carried out with the BRAND SOLDIERS military precision methodologies, which are outlined to our clients for every campaign.


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